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   Many members of the Kern River Fly Fishers, over the years have participated in work projects with the California Department of Fish and Game as well as Cal Trout and Trout Unlimited.  They have provided much needed manual labor in working on fish population monitoring, repairing stream banks and fish barriers as well as repairing and replacing cattle fences protecting streams in the Sierra’s.  You will meet fellow fishers from all parts of Southern California for fun, food and fishing.

    Projects from past years included gill net removal from Chicken Spring Lake, repairing fencing in Monache and Casa Vieja Meadows, stream repair in Olivas Meadow, Little Whitney and Redrock and fish population studies in Templeton and Ramshaw meadows.

If you are interested projects related to California Golden Trout you can visit the Trout Unlimited web site at and look for the Golden Trout Project.  There you will find the current calendar for your review, along with how to sign up for projects and a wealth of other information.


Comment letters from the Kern River Fly Fishers club to the the California Fish & Game  and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the ban on trout planting in the Kern River.

KRFF Comment Letter to Fish & Game (Click on the Read Only button when you open the document)

KRFF Comment Letter to US Fish & Wildlife (Click on the Read Only button when you open the document)

Christy McGuire's study "Hardhead and Trout in the Kern River" as well as the 4 appendices

Hardhead and Trout in the Kern River

Appendix A - Sediment Management Practices

Appendix B - KR1 SMB Study Final Report

Appendix C - Kern River Fisheries Report 1/30/2007 - No tables

Appendix D - Kern River Fish Tables 1/30/2007

Apendix E - FERC Hardhead Citations

For more information on these publications, please read the catalogue below.

Kern River Fish and Sediment Studies Catalogue


SoCal Edison Upper Kern Basin Fishery Resource Trust

The Edison Trust Fund was established in 1996 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as part of the relicensing of the Southern California Edison Company (SCE) Kern River No. 3 (KR3) Hydroelectric Project. The KR3 Project is located on the upper Kern River north of Kernville. The Trust Fund will be maintained in perpetuity and the interest from the investments will be used for the following purposes:

1) Implementation of the Upper Kern Basin Fishery Management Plan [1],
This plan can be viewed and downloaded at:

2) Restoration of the native Kern River rainbow trout, or
3) Other enhancements of fisheries resources in the upper Kern River basin upstream from Lake Isabella in Tulare and Kern Counties, California.

Availability of the Edison Trust Funds was held up for approximately 10 years by a legal suit brought against the Trust by a number of Kern River rafting companies in an attempt to gain access to the Trust Funds to finance rafting projects. A definitive judgment was rendered recently which denied access to the Trust Funds for rafting purposes.

The first project announced for funding by the Trust Fund had been proposed a number of years back by a coalition of three Fly Fishing Clubs composed of the Southern Sierra Fly Fishers, the Kern River Fly Fishers, and the Aquabonita Fly Fishers. This project proposes that the Edison Trust Funds be used to improve operations of the Kernville Hatchery. This hatchery is located just downstream of the KR3 Hydroelectric Project. The project proposes to drill, install and bring on line four new water wells for the Kern River Hatchery to aid in the raising of Kern River Rainbow Trout. A copy of this project can be found at:

The Trust Fund principals assured the coalition of 3 Fly Fishing Clubs that the Kern River Hatchery project is moving forward and that the contracts for well drilling are to be implemented very soon.

The second project funded by the Trust Fund will provide for an assessment by the University of California at Davis of the genetic purity of selected trout populations within and outside the Kern River drainage to determine the existence and distribution of remaining "pure" Kern River rainbow trout. Evidently this project has been ongoing for some time but is in need of continuing funding. This research has two goals: 1) establish potential source populations for future restoration of Kern River rainbow trout to its native range and 2) guide the restoration of Kern River rainbow trout to other parts of the drainage. The California Department of Fish and Game announced at the meeting that this project has recently identified a population of Kern River rainbow trout which they feel has genetic characteristics which are appropriate for use as Kern River rainbow trout brood stock.

A copy of this project can be found at:

The third project approved for funding was to increase patrols of the upper Kern River by California Department of Fish and Game wardens with the intent to enforce several special fishing regulations that protect the Kern River Rainbow Trout (KRRT).

The California Code of Regulations, Title 14 (CCR T-14) Section 7.50 (b)(86)(c) specifies that: From the Point where U.S. Forest Service Trail 33E30 heads east to join the Rincon Trail upstream to the mouth of Tyndall Creek, from the last Saturday in April through November 15 there is a 2 fish limit, a maximum size limit of 10 inches total length for rainbow trout only. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used.

The general Golden Trout Wilderness angling regulation CCR, T-14 section 7.50(b)71 specifies that anglers are restricted to artificial lures with barbless hooks and limited to 5 trout. Law Enforcement patrols would be extended into the Little Kern and Golden Trout Creek watersheds to enforce this regulation.

A copy of this project can be found at:

The Trust Fund is soliciting applications to fund worthy projects which will enhance the Upper Kern Basin fisheries. Applications must be received at least 60 days prior to each of the bi-annual meetings in order to be acted on at that next meeting.

A copy of the Upper Kern Basin Fishery Resource Enhancement Trust application form and an explanation of the funding process can be found at:



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