K.R.F.F. Library

The Kern River Fly Fishers Club has a library of books and videos that members may use.  If you wish to check out a book or video, please contact Jim Fagan.



List Updated Sep 2017 




 Recent Additions

50 Best Tailwaters To Fly Fish   Terry & Wendy Gunn
Alpine Angler   John Shewey
American Nymph Fly Tying Manual   Randall Kaufman
Bluewater Fly Fishing   Trey Combs
Deschutes   Dave Hughes
Fly Fishing   Al Kyte
Fly Fishing For Summer Steelhead   John Shewey
Fly Fishing Strategy   Doug Swisheir & Carl Richards
Fly Fishing Tactics   Fly Fisherman's Magazine
Fly Fishing Tales   Terry Heffernan
Fly Patterns of British Columbia   James Lingren
Fly Tyer Pattern Bible   Dick Surette
Fly Tying   John F. McKim
Knots   Peter Owen
Practical Flies   Lacy E. Gee
Sacramento River   Chip Obrien
Salmon On A Fly   Lee Wulff
Scientific AnglersFly Fishing Handbook   Lew Jewett
Sex , Death, and Fly Fishing   John Gierach
Steelhead   Barry M.Thornton
Steelhead & The Floating Line   Boe Arnold
The Art Of Fly Tying   Claude Chartrand
The Basic Manual of Fly Tying   Paul N.Fung & Donald Putereal
The Half- Pounder a Steelhead Trout   Dennis P.Lee
The Masters of the Nymph   J. Michael Migel
The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide   Tom Rosenbauer
Yosemite Trout Fishing Guide   Steve Beck
Existing Library    

Adams Angling Catalogue


Jim Adams

America’s 100 Best Trout Streams


John Ross

American Trout Fishing


John Mervin

Another Lousy Day in Paradise


John Gierach

Arizona Trout Stream & Their Hatches



Bass Fishing in California


Ron Kovach

Bluegill – Fly Fishing & Flies


Terry Wilson

Bush Pilot Angler


Lee Wulff

Cabela’s 50th Anniversary



Caddis Flies (2)


Gary LaFontaine

Cast From the Edge


Scott Sadil

Creating Fly Tying & Fly Fishing


Rex Gerlach

Dances with Trout


John Gierach



Dave Hughes

Even Brook Trout Get the Blues


John Gierach

Favorite Flies & Their Histories


Mary Marbury

Fisherman’s Knots, Fishing Rigs & How to Use Them


Bob McNally

Fishing Bamboo


John Gierach

Fly Casting Techniques


Joan Wulff

Fly Fishing – First Cast to First Fish


Joseph Petralia

Fly Fishing for the Complete Idiot


Michael Rutter

Fly Fishing Mammoth


Mark Heskett

Fly Fishing Simple to Sophisticated


Al Kyte

Fly Fishing Tail Waters


Ed Engle

Fly Fishing Women


Pudge Kleinkulf

Fly Rodding the Coast


Ed Mitchell

Fool’s Paradise


John Gierach

Free & Reduced-Fee Sport Fishing Licenses


Dept of Fish & Game

Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods


Dave Whitlock

Handbook of Hatches


Dave Hughes

Hardhead & Trout in the Kern River


Christine McQuire

Home Pool


Bruce Ducker

Instant Mayfly Identification Guide


Al Caucci & Bob Nastasi

KRI Agency Sediment



Lake Fishing with a Fly


Ron Cordes & Randall Kaufmann

Mastering The Spring Creeks


John Shewey

Matching the Hatch


Ernest G. Schwiebert, Jr

Mayflies – The Angler & The Trout


Fred Arbona, Jr

Meeting & Fishing the Hatches


Charles Meck

Montana Fly Fishing Guide


John Holt

New Streamside Guide


Art Flick’s

Online License Sales


Dept of Fish & Game

Public Health Assessment


CA Dept of Public Health

River Girls


Pudge Kleinkauf

Salmon, Steelhead & Trout in CA – Report


Center for Watershed Science

Sierra Trout Guide


Ralph Cutter

SOS: CA Native Fish Crisis


Commissioned by CA Trout

State Water Resources Control Board


Water Quality Certification

Steelhead & The Floating Line


Jeff Hall

Streams of Consciousness


Jeff Null

The Art of Fly Tying


John Van Vliet

The Complete Book of Trout Fly Fishing


Goran Cederberg

The Curtis Creek Manifesto


Sheridan Anderson

The Dry Fly – New Angles


Gary LaFontaine (A)

The Essence of Fly Casting


Mel Kreiger

The Fly Tyers Nymph Manual


Randall Kaufmann

The Gift of Trout


Ted Leeson

The Habitat of Rivers



The New American Trout Fishing


John Mervin

The Trout & The Stream


Charles Broosk

Trout Bum


John Gierach

Trout Country


Michael Furtman

Trout Fishing in California


Ron Kovach

Trout Stream Insects


Dick Pobst

Tying Flies


Jack Dennis and Friends

Western Stream Guide


Jack Dennis & Friends











A River Runs Through It (2 copies)


Columbia Pictures

Bass – the Movie (2 copies)


Jamie Howard

Caddis – Top to Bottom


John Gantner

Callibaetis Top to Bottom


John Gantner

European Nymphing


Jack Dennis & Vladi

Fly Casting – Faults & Fixes


Mel Krieger

Ganter’s Bass Flies


John Gantner

Improve Your Fly Casting


Jack Dennis

Lee Wulff Master Collection


Lee Wulff

Our Favorite Flies & How to Fish Them


Jack Dennis

Rivers of a Lost Coast


Tom Skerritt

Shadow Casting – The Making of a “River Runs Through It”


Columbia Pictures

Sierra Fly Fishing – Vol II


Guy Jeans

Stepping Into the Stream


Barbara Klutinis

The Essence of Fly Casting


Mel Krieger

The Way of a Trout


Trout Unlimited

Trout Bum Diaries – Vol I – Patagonia



Trout Grass


David James Duncan

Tying Jack Dennis’ Newest Pattern


Jack Dennis







How I Built Orvis (4)


Leigh Perkins